If you're into live music Preview is the friendly place to be,
'Where live music lives'. Most of the acts performing at Preview are of a high standard, some being professional or semi-professional musicians.
The club is a mixed music club catering for all tastes, so be prepared to hear a variety of artistes performing anything from Blues to Country, Rock to Folk, Golden oldies to Pop and some amazing original numbers. Solos, Duos and Groups and a variety of musical instruments and styles. Preview is also a stage for new acts as well as established artistes, trying out their new act or line up on a concerning and appreciative audience.
The evenings programme is M.C.ed with a bit of razzmatazz, with stage, lights and surround sound P.A. kept at a sensible volume. Each evening features a special guest artiste playing two sets plus about eight to ten acts in all different styles performing normally two numbers each. So there is always something to suit all tastes. If you would like to perform at Preview it is best to email david_anton41@yahoo.com or phone David Anton on 01702 341263.
Preview is basically a Free Club although from time to time we do put on special evening where a door charge is made. Preview started in 1984 and remains a thriving club to this day. Membership is £1 for life.
Come along any Friday we'd love to see you.

For dates of Special events
nearer the date

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For a bit of fun this is THE PREVIEW SONG
written by Ian Tovel way back when beer was £1.20 a pint
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Special Events throughout the year

Burn's Night
Where haggis, neeps & tatties and piped in.

Preview's Birthday

April  Over the weeks the
audience votes for the best
acts & best new artiste

June .... Last Sunday 
The Leigh Festival  
in Old Leigh.  See the Preview stage.


August Bank Holiday
The Big Bash    
3 evening of superb acts,
from Solos to Bands ..NOT TO BE MISSED
see advertising closer to the date.

Last Friday before Christmas


The Funniest Xmas Song Competition
Must be original, but you can use a Christmas Carol / song melody.

December or January
The Pantomime
on Friday and Saturday  at the club
We haven't put on one for a few years, but we may start again. WATCH THIS SPACE

About the Club
This Website is designed by David Anton
Preview has its own street door